Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ode to the Anticholinergic Toxidrome

"The bowel and bladder lose their tone, but the heart beats on..." Isn't that the truth?

I could cry when I come across something this profound. Either cry, or take another handful of tricylic anti-depressants.

Am I blind as bat? red as a beet? mad as a hatter? hot as a hottie? No friends, I am as dry as a bone!

Please treat me with supportive care. Consider a touch of bicarb. Perhaps a taste of physostigimine salicylate if things really get out of hand...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? The vocabulary that you are using is quite interesting and quite sophisticated for a feline. Please, I beg of you, post something more appropriate for street people!!


10:08 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear RC,

Haven't we met before? I think I've wandered through your neighbourhood. In fact, I'm pretty sure I saw you cooking bacon in your underwear one time when I was taking a piss in your garden.

I will try to post something more suitable to the masses sometime this week. Just yesterday, I heard a hilarious story about some guy who ate an entire box of pastries before going to bed and then almost threw up in the middle of the night.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tabby, I don't believe that we know each must be thinking of someone else. I DO NOT cook bacon in my underwear!!

It is funny that you mention "funny stories" - I heard a good one the other day to. This girl I know was telling me about a friend of hers who was visiting from out of town - they went to dinner and then had sex!! Then, they ended up at the same 'function' together where it was obvious that there was some tension. Wow! I am so happy to be married and out of that realm of personal experience.

Can't wait for your next big posting....I am actually thinking of getting my own blog thanks to you Tabby....I think I will call it "Muff n Stuff". What do you think??


11:34 AM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Sure, Muff n Stuff would be a great name for your blog. Or, if that one is taken, you could always try Bacon Bits or Passionate About Pastry...something like that.


9:27 PM  

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