Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I did my first toe stand. Though my form was probably poor, it wasn't very hard. This surprised me because I have had some kind of mental blockage around this pose basically since I started doing yoga. The moral of this story is that sometimes we build things up in our heads to be far worse than what they actually are, and we let our fear paralyze us.

My wish for you today is that you giv'er hard on something you've been avoiding (out of fear or whatever else). Just remember, the worst thing that can happen is falling out of the posture. If that happens all you need to do is laugh, take a chill pill, and everything will be alright.

have a good day,


Blogger Jampaq said...

Do you mean toe stand like in ballet? I wasn't aware that was a yoga move. Oh wait, I just looked it up. Ya, I've done that one and it wasnts that hard. (well, if you're in a full squat) What is suuuper tricky is when you have to stand or lower yourself in that position.

I much prefer the headstand.

2:59 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear Jampaq,

Thank you for your input. As I mentioned, my biggest issue with the toe stand was not that it is legitimately very difficult; rather, I had an irrational fear of blowing my knees out or something.

I don't much care for the headstand myself. Though I do like it in the context of hockey parlance (i.e., "that goalie was standing on his head the whole game").


10:04 AM  

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