Saturday, January 14, 2006

Temporary Insanity Vittles

There’s a certain comfort in hanging out with the people who know you best. Yesterday I dropped in on Pesto and her brother Prosciutto at their apartment. We were lying around on Pesto’s bed, as cats do whenever they have the chance.

Our convo turned to a severe neurosis that I seem to have developed of late. Unable to bear my own ridiculous cross any longer, I copped to one of the most humiliating things I’ve ever done. It occurred earlier this week. I won’t get into details as it is now in the past.

After they finished laughing their asses off at me, we discussed the new low to which I had sunk. Pesto pointed out how uncharacteristic my actions had been and that she was really surprised at my behaviour. I agreed that I seemed to have gone totally bonkers. The great thing is that over the course of this discussion we were actually able to pull some good out of something I had thought was a total washout.

According to Pesto, this “ostensibly pathetic behaviour marks a metamorphosis for [me].” Translation: sometimes acting totally nuts is actually a sign of being a little bit sane. Slipping out of reality for a week or two here and there really makes you thankful for your sanity the rest of the time.

- Tabby


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