Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chateau Neuf du Pape S.V.P.

Last night at Bridgehead I met the most beautiful Tom Cat I have ever seen. Not surprisingly, I did not shy away from the opportunity to sit beside him, and after making contact with his unbelievably sweet blue eyes a few times, I was overjoyed when he began to speak to me... Oh my God, he had a French accent, from France. I melted into the upholstery, thought maybe I was peeing in my pants, and then finally got it together.

We had a chat. Amazingly, he was born in the small town in France that my mom is from. I spent last summer there, so we had a lot to talk about - starting with cheese and bread, then onto pastry, wine, and tielle (a local squid pie delicacy - so delicious). He is a cyclist.

His story was interesting. So was his face. His name, Pierre. We talked comfortably for a while, and then he mentioned that his partner would be coming to Bridgehead to meet up with him. No worries. I wasn't surprised to hear that such a hot stud was involved with someone, but as we continued talking, it occured to me that this unbelievably gorgeous beauty was quite possibly gay.

In fact, he was. And when his partner arrived I almost lost my shit. He was easily as attractive as Pierre. They were both unbelievably stylish, friendly, and super cool. A single tabby like myself might be tempted to say that the world is a cruel cruel place. In this instance, my only sorrow comes from the very real possibilty that neither of these genetic miracles will ever procreate.

I was tempted to direct them both to the nearest sperm donor clinic. STAT!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry. Keep your head up - you will find someone great. By the way, we found out that we are having a little boy!


9:27 PM  

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