Thursday, February 22, 2007

Update Vittles

It’s been a long time, I know. Since we last talked, I have been to Toronto, where I interviewed for a residency position at Harvard North. Because I was in the T-dot anyway, I decided to make a little vacation out of it and spent the weekend with Tiger and Turtlecat. We had a great time. One of the highlights was dinner at George, a friggin’ great restaurant. I also saw Tamcat and my friend Sarah. On the Monday I took a little road trip out of the GTA to visit with my friend Peach and her baby girl Asha. We had a great day of fun.

I’ve been home now since last Tuesday, deciding to cancel my last interview because I had limited interest in matching to family medicine at McGill. This week I started a paediatric infectious disease elective. I had set up the elective when I was considering applying to peds, and decided to keep it so that I could finally solidify my knowledge of antibiotics. Well, I’ve been working really long days, and it’s kind of hard stuff. I like it, but I just cannot imagine working these kinds of hours when I am done residency. It reinforces my decision to choose something that will be stimulating and great, but not all consuming. I can’t imagine how much reading I would need to do in order to stay up to snuff on all the latest bugs and drugs. Plus, I don’t understand the first thing about bacteria and viruses.

Anyway, things are going well, and I have some funny stories to tell, like the one about when I went to my UofT interview, got there late, and then burst in on a presentation in a room filled with about 60 dark-suited people. Worse still, I had thought that everyone had breakfast already, so I grabbed a couple of Danishes and some juice in the way in. imagine my surprise when I realized that the extensive spread of food was actually for after the presentation! Then I tripped over a guy who turned out to be the program director, and there were no seats left, so I had to prop myself up on something for the hour long duration of the presentation - my Danishes in plain sight.

I would like to tell you more, but a couple of minutes ago, Bobcat and I re-opened the discussion on how we will rank our residency choices. It is a pretty sensitive topic, and I had to stop part way through the discussion and ask for a recess. I felt the rage building up inside of me, and I know in my heart I am just too tired for this right now. As such, I am going to head to bed.

I will rise early tomorrow to look over the ins and outs of meningitis. The day is already shaping up to be super busy, so I will need to have some beauty sleep if I’m going to tackle it properly. Plus, we have curling tomorrow night.

Tomorrow if I have the energy, I will tell you all about how I suspected Henoch Schoelien Purpura in a kid I saw this morning, and that is what he ended up having! I was pretty proud of myself indeed. It kind of offset the fact that I had said “I don’t know” in response to about 60 questions posed by my staff doc.

Okay, good night. I hope you all sleep tight.

Tabby xo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh Tabby? Why didn't you stop by the Loo to meet our little man? We would have loved to see you.
S (and R too)
P.S. I read your blog faithfully and LOVE it. You should write a book.

2:53 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear Sarah,

It broke my heart not to be able to stop by and see you guys. I always feel so torn when I go to Waterloo. In the end, I would not have been able to have a proper visit, and I didn't want to dart in and out.

Thanks for the props. I miss you guys, and think that Ben has the most expressive baby face I have ever seen. I can't wait to meet him next time you are in O-town, or I am in the Loo.

xxxoooo tabby

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tabby,
After I posted I realized that I may have come across as bitchy or accusatory. It wasn't meant that way...but I left it because I didn't want to sound crazy by adding another post...which I've now done. R and I totally know how you feel about visiting people in a short happens to R every time he goes home and it's a huge pain in the ass. And while I'm randomly babbling via computer I just wanted to add that you remind me and Rolland of Lisa Loeb...that is if she were a cat of course.

12:49 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear Sarah,

I did not think you sounded bitchy or accusatory. I already felt guilty for not having been able to come over.

Do you think I look like the cat version of Lisa Loeb? Or act like her?

Will you ever be coming here to visit?


7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We both think that you look like and act like Lisa Loeb. I want to come to Ottawa soon, but you know R...he's being a spaz about the travelling. I say that we should just rent a van and go...Ben'll adapt just fine. We'll see. Congratulations about the matching, and when did love come into the picture?

2:09 PM  

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