Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tabby Loves Montreal

Right then…where was I? …Eating my pho, minding my business, and the server/owner comes over to me, unsolicited and puts a fork down in front of me. I recoil, subtly, then look down at my food, hoping no one noticed. But there are only about 8 tables in this restaurant. So I glance over at the older woman eating across from me and she is leaned over her soup, looking at me out of the corner of her eye and laughing. So, I look up at her, and say “I don’t think the server has very much confidence in me.” At this point she loses all restraint and begins to chortle loudly. I start laughing harder too. I say something like “I thought I was doing pretty well. I certainly didn’t realize that I was embarrassing myself.” Then the lady asks me if I’ve ever eaten with chopsticks before. I tell her yes, on a large number of occasions. She is now in total hysterics….

So, we became instant friends. She told me all about her life. She lives outside of the city, very close to where my grandma’s family is from. One of her sons works in for CIDA in one of the Stans. The other has recently joined the navy. The navy guy is married to a Vietnamese woman and they are expecting their first child. She is a retired school teacher. I got the distinct impression that she is solo, but did not ask. She was lovely and we had a wonderful chat – all in French.

Just before she left, this guy came in, maybe 23-24 or so, and asked if he could sit by the window. Neither of us had any objections. My friend left and the young man turned to me and said, in English “you didn’t know that woman did you?”

I said “no”.

He said “what were you guys talking about?”

I said “ourselves”.

He said “well people really do love to talk about themselves the most don’t they?”

I said “yup”

Then I said “she was very kind and we had a wonderful chat. It was a complete surprise and the kind of interaction that makes me happy to be alive”.

He nodded.

Then we chatted some more, but he was giving me that naïve teen prophet vibe, trying to psychoanalyse me and shit, and it was making me a little claustrophobic, so I told him it was great meeting him but I had to bust out. Said I’d see him again sometime. We said joyous goodbyes. He told me that the regulars all order #41. I said I’d have it next week.

Now the other part of this story is that shortly after I had first come in, this hot looking stud, around my age came in and sat in his usual spot and ordered his usual meal. He initially came running over in my direction – literally, and then suddenly stopped and moved to another spot, where I could not stare at him probably (I have a long standing staring problem).

The guy’s eyes were burning holes into the back of my head. When I got up to pay my bill and leave he followed me with his eyes all the way to the cash, and then said to me “have a good night and see you later”. The guy was no creep. He was an attractive…okay he was a gorgeous, smooth-looking stud….

I didn’t understand. And still don’t. What was this interest in me yesterday? I swear to God people were turning their heads on the street. I can guarantee I did not look anywhere close to a million bucks. I probably looked like about fifty bucks. And in a city like this one, where people just look damn hot, my sudden allure baffled me. I came to believe that maybe my eye had once again swollen shut or I had a large amount of food on my face or something… but no. Maybe it was just because I was looking people in the eye?

I love this city. Today again, I walked around all over the place. I just really groove on the vibe of it. I decided that since I am speaking French all the time, I should just act French, and so I went to the liquor store, and the Provigo, and picked up some wine, baguette, cheese (Roquefort and St. Aubin), and some figues. I died of joy whilst eating it. I am still joyous – probably from drinking a half bottle of wine by myself.

This morning I saw Dr. X in the emerg department. It was to be expected, and I was glad not to be caught of guard. We had a 10 second interaction. He said “hi there” I said “hi” he said “how are you” I said “good. You?” he said “good. It is good to see you”. I said “you too” and walked away. Painless enough.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just caught up on the last three months of your life. It seems like we haven't seen each other since May (when you met the gf?).
I have no idea about what the next few months hold for you, although from what I read it entails going to Africa, and Paris in December.
TT, I am doing well and hope that you are too. Love and hugs...

11:37 AM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear Brad,

It's so good to have news from my favourite golf pro. I'm happy to hear that you are happy. I will be here for 2 weeks and then gone until Dec 9th. Will you be coming home for Christmas? I hope so.


7:35 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

that's affection with 2 Ns for you!


7:36 PM  

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