Monday, October 02, 2006

Twillight Zone of PHO !

Hello Everyone,

Last time I wrote, I believe I was stopped over in Edmonton en route to Toronto. I landed in the T-dot without incident and the wedding weekend was fun, but is a total blur. I got a great pedicure, landed some new jeans, rocked out with all of my loved ones Friday night, emcee’d a great wedding reception on Saturday. I must say, the wedding was seamless: Everything went off without a hitch. Turtlecat looked gorgeous and so did my bro. Reviews were of the rave variety.

So like I was saying, the weekend was a complete whirlwind. Not having slept on Thursday night, I woke up both Saturday and Sunday mornings feeling like a truck ran over my body. Yesterday we woke up a little later in the morning at 10 and went to a brunch at my aunt’s place. Then Bobcat and I went to the airport to catch our flights. We had booked separate flights out of necessity, but had hoped to change them last minute. No such luck. Air Canada in their generous way, had actually overbooked both of our flights.

But don’t fret, using words such as sitch and frustraish, I was able to communicate with the Air Canada agent, who was in my age cohort. She booked us both on a slightly later flight in business class and sent us to the first class lounge to take advantage of the amenities. We did.

We were already running quite a bit later than our ideal schedule and things were tight because Bob was driving me to Montreal last night so I could shrink heads here starting this morning. Somehow sensing this, Air Canada chose yesterday as the first (but probably not last) time to fuck up my luggage. One bag arrived, the other hung back in Toronto. Apparently they had some sort of falling out. Neither one is talking.

In any case, we had to go back to the airport and pick up my bag an hour later as it had stuff I needed for Montreal. We also had to stop at the Mofo to drop something off, and then we ate the dirtiest food I know of – McDonalds. It was delicious. Unfortunately, we both had night sweats therafter.

Today I started my new elective. It always feels horrible showing up somewhere when you have no clue what the hell is going on. That said, everyone was very nice, and I had a pretty good day. Also, I was able to use predominately Anglophone-ness to help them edit some brochure they had translated. They were talking about it in the team meeting this morning and my heart totally went out to them. It was like the reverse of me trying to write something in French. It sounded atrocious, as though they had entered all of the text into one of those Internet translators. Sook Yin Lee would've been proud. So, I made a few suggestions, and they took kindly to them. I think my time at this hospital will be good. Though I was a little dismayed when I realized that the bulk of my elective is going to be in French (I thought I was purposely choosing an English hospital), Ah ben, c’est la vie.

I am staying in a virtual stranger’s home. With another virtual stranger. who does not live here either. The stranger whose room I am living in, is living at my house. It’s like Wife-Swap, only more like Life-Swap. Anyway, so far it is working out well, and the girl who is here from Winnipeg is quite friendly and well-adjusted. Also, I managed to ascertain that she likes cheese. I welled up with tears when she said she liked blue cheese and immediately started making plans for the rest of our life together. Okay…well…maybe our next three weeks together….drinking wine, eating cheese, baguette, doing CARMS – that last part just made me vomit in my mouth.

One last thing I wanted to share with you is that tonight I had a crazy Twilight Zone – like experience. Hence the title of this entry. I took the bus home, and then decided to tool around in my neighbourhood a little. After all, I am right downtown (in a bit of a ghetto actually), and I frickin' love Montreal. I wandered around for a bit and then started feeling kind of hungry, so I scooted down to Chinatown to rustle up some grub. In much the same way as early man discriminated good food from bad, I used the “if people are eating there it must be good” method of restaurant selection.

I ducked into a modest looking Vietnamese restaurant and ordered a little something. Shortly after I arrived and chubby, older woman (maybe 55-60) came in and sat down very close by to me. We politely ignored each other for some time, but we were both solo and pretty much facing each other.

Our food came and we began eating, when all of a sudden…..

(I will have to finish this tomorrow night. I'm tired, and have to go to bed. Plus this post is getting too long….à bientot mes amis).



Anonymous tirunesh said...

Hello love,

Well, admittedly, I have been out of the loop since my travels. I just tonight finally found a way of having more than a mere count-down session on the internet. And so I'm sitting by the pool at my hotel in Accra, listening to some Africana and finally replying to my work email, which has accumulated to a point that shows irrevocable neglect on my part. But hey, I'm in Africa. Westerners still think that that we're all living in huts out here, battling flies and holding destitute children with inflated bellies. So I have World Vision to thank for giving me a tangible excuse for my communication disregard.

I have not been able to read all your stories, but will do my best to stay abreast of your movements. If it makes you feel any better, I spent last weekend airporting too--sleeping like a hobo, contorted on those airport seats that that now make with those damn arm rests so your can't lie on them. But my flexible body and indifference to sharp metal stabbing my spine have led to some rather comfortable sleeps in various world airports.

So I wish you luck in Montreal and look forward to our next encounter. Maybe Paris in December.

Love you so,


7:19 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

OMG Tir! It's like we are cosmically connected. Did you get the rather personal and detailed email I just sent. You must’ve been posting your comments simultaneously as I was baring my soul to you.

I am happy to hear that you are safe. I’ve been eating a lot of cheese, bread and wine lately, which gives me slight cause for concern, as I recently bought some pretty tight new jeans.

Some people here wear unflattering clothes in the name of fashion. The skinny-legged ultra low rise jean looks reasonable on the 1% of the population which suffers from Crohn’s disease or Anorexia Nervosa. The rest of us need to choose something a little more moderate. What are the kids these days thinking? I wonder this as I ride the bus with the youth of today.

But I digress. Paris in December sounds like perfection. I look forward to it to an extent you cannot begin to understand. Will you have the whole week with me? And come down south to meet my lovely God parents, eat tielle, and walk by the sea?

Love you more than 10 to the exponent 8.


7:29 PM  

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