Thursday, August 17, 2006


Last night Bobcat and I went out for a run. We were cruising through one of my favourite neighbourhoods when we came across a little kitty. He was super cute, so I stopped to say hello, and we had a moment. He had the cutest tabby-like stripes on his belly, pristine white booties, shiny curious eyes, and fabulous whiskers. Plus, he wasn’t wearing a collar.

He was very talkative, and told me his name was Theo. I was in love at first sight.

Well, after a few minutes of mutual affectionation, I finally tore myself away. It was everything I could do not to scoop him under my arm and take him home. But Bobcat insisted that Theo belonged to someone, and I figured it was probably true. How could I be responsible for breaking some little kid’s heart by stealing the family cat?

I almost didn’t have to steal him because he followed me for a long time, and then eventually watched me leave from behind a parked car when we got onto a very busy street. He would’ve come with me if I’d asked, I’m positive.

Sometimes it’s really hard to do the right thing.

This morning I joined a 90-year old British radiologist for 3 hours in a dark room. We looked at x-rays together, talked medical politics, and joked around about grammar gafaws. It was probably the most fun I have ever had sitting in a dark room playing magic-eye. As a general rule, I despise radiology.

Right now I am dying for a good cappuccino, but all we have here at the house is narsty Folgers coffee. When I finish school, after my victory trip to Viet Nam and Temagami, I swear to God the first thing I am buying is a gourmet coffee machine and 200 pods.



Blogger The One and Only said...

Sorry to hear about the cat TT. I am sure that you enjoyed the connection the two of you established in that short time period.

Radiology? Dark rooms? Sounds boring to me as well. Do you have to spend a lot more time in radiology??

We were at MacMaster Hospital today...development clinic. Ben was getting checked out. Did everything he was supposed to. The Little guy makes us happy when he 'plays ball'. Yesterday was his eye exam and that went well too. So now, we don't go back to Mac until late November for his 3 month eye check and development check.

If we had money, we would buy you some gourmet coffee!! Right now, we are trying to buy formula and diapers...if we ever get out of that stage we will see if we can hook you up!!

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Potato,
There aren't even words to describe how much I love reading your postings. I am a full-on supporter of blogging, and yours is the only one I read. It makes me laugh out loud, and it makes me miss you just a little bit less. It also reinforces my already quite sound knowledge that you are funny, entertaining, and adorable. Huge amounds of love to you!

8:58 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear TOAO,

It was nice of you to offer to buy me gourmet coffee. I think you are right, however, to save your money for formula and diapers...and eventually braces, and university tuition payments. It sounds as though things are going swimmingly.

Dear Peach,

Your words always come at just the right time. Right now I am in the depths of despair. I have an exam tomorrow night, two on Friday, and one next Wednesday. I feel like I have died inside, and despite the seriousness of the impending consequences, I seem to have less motivation than ever to even look at my notes. What a nightmare...

...Anyway, I love you, and I miss you. I wish I could help deliver your impending child. I really enjoy that sort of thing and am always offering up my services to friends, but so far no takers.

I heard, yesterday, from a certain cat that we both know. The co-author of that disastrous run in last January. The phone call was a kind gesture. We've bounced back to our usual condition of level 3 awkwardness: Until recently we had been at level 9 for months.

After these exams, I will have a whole new set of angst surrounding residency, and the fact that I will be traveling for basically 6 months straight. It should make for some good stories. Airports, hospitals, and stranger’s homes can make for staggeringly humiliating events.

Keep the updates and comments coming please everyone. Without you, this blog would be nothing but an ongoing expression of extreme narcissistic personality disorder! Instead, you all complete me.


11:07 PM  

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