Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sweet Dreams

When my time as a displaced person draws to a close, there is just one thing I want to buy for my next apartment. A bed. Yes, a bed. A good bed. One that is firm. Maybe with a pillow top. And I will invest in wonderful pillows to go on my wonderful new bed. And it will be big enough to fit me and my sweetie, if I ever feel like getting another sweetie, or at least 6 of my 50 cats. They can take turns sleeping on the bed.

When I fantasize about such a bed, it doesn’t even seem to matter what city I end up in.



Blogger Tamara said...

I look forward to joining you in said bed. Forget the sweetie (if only for 1 night) and welcome Erin and me in for a girly slumber party.

I'd offer to shave my legs for the occasion, but I would imagine you'll need more convincing. What if I bring sweet treats as a prelude to our sweet dreams?

(And who am I kidding? I'm months away from having the flexibility required to shave my own legs.)

2:44 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...


If you brought over some of that homemade raspberry ice cream of yours, I'd get straight into bed with you, shaved legs or not.

And who wouldn't love an excuse to have unshaven legs for months on end?


3:11 PM  

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