Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So very sleepy

My dear friends,

I had promised myself I would write tonight. But the evening has passed and we are headed for midnight. I’ve been doing paper work and paying bills all evening. We are in the process of moving out, so I am changing all the bills and doing all of the scut that comes with moving. Also, the house looks like a place that would be featured on one of those TV shows where people come in and recoil in horror at the way you live and then spend anywhere from 30-60 minutes berating you and teaching you basic life skills.

Anyway, I am too tired to write much. But just by way of update, I should let you know that I have started my residency training. I am absolutely thrilled with my choice of specialty, and that’s a pretty great feeling. The unfortunate part is that I must now spend the next year rotating through specialties in which I have very little interest.

I’ve seen some pretty crazy shit already, and I feel like I should start some kind of log of off the wall things I hear from people. The mind is infinitely fascinating.

I love and miss you all. Hopefully, the blogging hiatus is over. I can promise nothing about the timing of my next post as my credibility is completely shot.

À bientot mes petits chattons,

Tabby McT


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