Sunday, November 23, 2008

Adieu – another one act play – my favourite kind of play...

The Following is a re-enactment of my ex-bf’s visit tonight. I asked him to please come by and pick up the clothes and crap he has left lying around my place over the past 4 months. Of note, every time he breezed in an out of town, he would leave some combination of dirty socks, underwear, and t-shirts on the floor of my bedroom. I found it sort of endearing for about 4 days, and then, as things were progressively turning crappy, I found myself grudgingly doing his laundry, and wondering what the hell happened to my proud feminine feline self....Anyway, onto the play.

Door bells rings. Sheepish bald guy hovers in the cold...Cute pyjama-clad kitten answers the door.

Me: Hey, come in. I’ve got your stuff packed.
Him: Sure is cold out here.
Me: Yeah, sure is.
Him: How you doin’?
Me: Very well thanks

Unpleasant pleasantries abound.....

Him: Well, I don’t want to keep you from your work....will I see you again?
Me: Uhhhhh...I don’t think so.
Him: Really?
Me: Yeah, I’m kind of mad at you.
Him: I sensed that. I am very perceptive (no word of a lie)
Me: O..R.. you?
Him: Why are you angry with me?
Me: (placidly) well, you’ve treated me in a pretty disrespectful way over the past few months...
Him: How?
Me: [sigh] I don’t think we need to rehash this all again (then I rehashed some of it anyway, more for me that for him)...I guess just by dumping me to the very bottom of your priority list all the time.
Him: Well I think you’re a really great gall. I’d love to see you again.
Me: (vomiting a little in my mouth) that’s funny because you didn’t seem to want to see me at all when we were dating.
Him: Look if we lived in the same city, everything would be different. I think we’re a great match.
Me: Great match? Different? You mean you would’ve made an effort?
Him: I wouldn’t have had to, everything would be easy.
Me: (no longer able to engage) I guess so....
Him: Well maybe we’ll cross paths again..
Me: Maybe they will, and I certainly wish you well, but I really can’t see us hanging out.
Him: You never know...
Me: I guess not

Chilly goodbye.

Ughh, why don’t these things get easier? I actually found myself wondering if I was over-reacting? Or too high maintenance? Or freakishly uptight. He told me he really feels he did his best. It never ceases to amaze me how two people can go from smooching and being almost revoltingly sweet to each other, to feeling physiological stress from thinking about or seeing one other. Funny thing, this relationship business.

I'm going to bed! Onwards and upwards.


Anonymous team yellow said...

Hmmm wish I could ask why a cute pyjama-clad kitten would fall for a guy like that, not to mention doubt themselves over him but I think I already know.

not that I'm a guru on relationships or anything. Suffice to say, making you feel "high-maintenace" or any other such derivative, and doubt yourself is all part of the twisted game we play as boy/girl friends. It takes the focus off me for "not being good enough" (which i'm sure we all internally feel on a daily basis) and puts it on you making you "hard to put up with"

HA! look at me telling a psychiatrist about this sort of stuff. now that's the joke of the year, (hope i'm not coming across as dickheaded ... though it would probably be appropriate given my aspirations)

Back to more interesting things:
1. this is fast becoming the most enjoyable part of my day (I find this fact unnerving and at the same time intriguing)
2. Seeing as how I have been snooping through your life (so to speak) through your blog I felt inclined to share something personal about myself.

its embarassing (sort of along the lines of james blunt embarassing), but here goes:

I like william shatner.

not his movies... not his tv shows (though star trek is pretty kick ass).

I like his music.

I actually really like it. I think its deep. I think he's got interesting things to say that he does so while talking over music.
And though many people think this is silly, I on the otherhand find it delightfully amusing.

Its a terrible thing to admit. (probably cuz deep down I know he sounds silly talking over music the way he does)

on that note, I'm off to write some personal letters... maybe I'll work William Shatner into my weaknesses somehow ...

ps. my med school woes are long and complicated and involve lawyers. BLAH! maybe I'll tell you more about them once I've gone unmatched and ranked to Nunavut in 2nd round... how depressing.

9:10 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...


1. Nunavut seems like a really nice place. Check out my post from Jan '07 for some happy thoughts about the Arctic.

2. That lawyer business sounds awful.

3. I will grant you that William Shatner's 'music' is highly entertaining, certainly more so than James Blunt.

4. I have no idea who you are, or why you have been shuttled in my direction, but at the moment, you are the most delightful and joyous diversion I could've ever imagined.

Good luck with the statements. Maybe you should write a one act play. They are very effective.


10:06 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Team Yellow,

Where have you been all day? I'm dyin' here in front of my stupid computer. Throw me a bone would'ya?


11:09 PM  

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