Sunday, November 23, 2008


I slept well last night. It was that kind of sleep where you are so exhausted that, as soon as you hit the sheets, your body melts into the mattress. You know what I’m talking about, like when you’ve been up all night on call, or in transit for 2 days, and you slide into bed and think “there is no place in the world I would rather be right now.” Despite this extreme fatigue and seemingly restful sleep, I am aware that I had vivid dreams all night. The problem is, I can’t remember any of them. Not even a glimpse.

This morning as I was lolling in bed, slowly waking up, it occurred to me that my left eye seemed to be glued shut. “That’s weird” I told myself, “I was pretty sure allergy season was over.” Guess what. I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before – went to bed with my frickin’ contacts in. What a nightmare! Maybe that’s what I was dreaming about all night. My subconscious mind was saying “Yo, your eyes are drying up like raisins! Please intervene.”

I performed delicate surgery on myself this morning to get them out, but my left eye has continued to make cheese all day in protest of last night’s mistreatment.



Anonymous team yellow said...

you should get those contacts with the pores... aqua-something. I sleep with mine in all the time.

As for the hang over... I had no idea I liked James Blunt so much...
Actually today started off pretty crummy for reasons that involve my fantastic home medical school and are entirely too boring to discuss (insert expletive, preferably ending with "-ers!!").
So the person I am staying with somehow convinced me to go surfing to get my mind off things. Apparently its the thing to do in halifax.

so in subzero temperature and quite possibly the tightest thing I have ever put on I went out into the ocean. easily the craziest thing I have ever done (other than drunk post a total stranger on her blog).
Aside from not being able to feel my fingers/toes/face and the copious amounts of salt water I swallowed, it was a pretty good time.

and now I am back reading your blog to prevent myself from brooding over carms.... I might just pop in eddie murphie raw and hit the sack.

I would kill for the kind of sleep you had... my friend's couch leaves much to be desired.


7:43 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...


I have the most porous contact lenses around. It's just that my eyes are inclined to want to do deep breathing exercises 24/7.

I can't believe you surfed in the freezing cold ocean (you know the words surfed and suffered are exceedingly similar, just noticed this myself). It sounds kind of fun, but only because you survived it.

It seems like your med school really has it in for you. What the dickens is going on?

You must be almost off the CARMS circuit, non? Soon you will be able to sleep like a little peach in your own bed. But for heaven's sake, take out those contacts...


11:00 PM  

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