Tuesday, July 08, 2008


My calves are still super sore, especially the left. I am way too tired right now, but in my next post I want to tell you all about Fairmont Park. Mostly I want to share the reasons why I love it.

Those of you with an eye for details might notice that I changed my profile pic. I wanted something a little closer up. Cats are very vane.

I think new neighbours have moved into the basement apartment. I already don't like them because they smoke outside and it smells like shit. Smoking is gross. I noticed that they left their bikes unlocked in the backyard which is essentially a recipe for disaster. They will learn I suppose. Kind of like when I was 5 and left my bike parked outside of the townhouse where we lived in the ghetto. The next door neighbours were moving and the guy backed over my bike with his moving van. Apparently, he nearly peed his pants because he thought I was on the bike. I wasn't. I was off in a large sandbox being my absentminded self. My mom had been on my ass about not leaving it on the street, but I didn't listen. I did not get another bike for about 10 years after that. Some lessons we learn the hard way. I think that was the same year (and same ghetto) where I broke my arm falling off of a wet play structure after my mom had instructed me not to go out. Man, that place really was a school of hard knocks.

I just finished assembling a very small piece of Ikea furniture. It took me 90 minutes!

If anyone wants to go on a nice, light canoe camping trip next weekend, let me know. There is availability and it is going to be extremely fun and relaxing. Last time there were more shooting stars than we could even keep track of.

good night my friends,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh. loving the entries. So glad you are back in your mojo near home. dealing with teeth coming in. my life is much less fun (but i to am lacking sleep!). keep the posts coming-
your fan with Bub

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's almost been a week since you posted this last entry! We're waiting for more... Don't give it up so soon!

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smoking neighbors are the worst of the many and varied horrible things this planet has to offer. I sympathize.

6:10 PM  

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