Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spaghetti and Meatballs

God, I wish my mind were wired differently sometimes. I’ve been working on this stupid grand rounds thing for 2 weeks, just reading article after article, filling my brain to the spilling point, and basically floundering around. It’s always like this. Even on the rare occasion when I start things relatively early, I cannot pin myself down to anything meaningful or focused until the last minute. My topic was a giant black hole, until 5pm today, when I finally had my ‘eureka’ moment. Why couldn’t this have come to me last weekend? Now I will feel panicked and stressed until the very last minute. I am living and breathing for next Friday afternoon.

On a positive note, my parents dropped off some spaghetti sauce that my mom made last week. I tried it tonight. It was so good I thought I might cry. The meatballs were perfection, and the sweet tomato-y goodness (undoubtedly from their garden) was unparalleled. She agrees that it is one of her best sauces ever, but she can’t remember what she put in it. She is a good woman.

good night from your hypomanic friend,


Anonymous tream yellow said...

have you ever been drunk posted? ... well here I am, hammered out of my gord in halifax finding myself inexplicably drawn to your blog. so I guess my weekend is going okay.

the urology guys in ottawa were pretty cool. I actually really liked the city.. particularly the heart and crown in the market. not to mention the wine and dinner festival.. that was a lot of fun.

I was thinking about why I really liked your blog today... I'm not normally a blog person.
I think its because it seems really honest... and the wording is really witty ... almost douglas adams-esque.

I'm listening to "your beautiful" by james blunt right now.. (is that gay?).

anyways, I am probably going to regret this tomorrow so I'll stop here. (man, james blunt is so good)

good luck on your presentation. sounds like you're gonna rock it.


12:27 AM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Tream Yellow,

You're killin' me. I can hear the slur in your words. Hopefully, you did not regret your comment this morning, because it brought me no end of joy. I had no idea that James Blunt had a such a loyal fan following.

I've spent this entire day in seclusion in my office at the hospital with no internet. I feel like an undergrad student approaching final exams, only I don't have nearly the amount of academic stamina that I did back then.

I'm gonna try and post something later, but for now I think the only thing that will bring me back to life is an order of Singapore spring rolls and some hot mystery soup from my favourite Vietnamese Restaurant.

I hope you did not suffer from a debilitating hang over today.


4:41 PM  
Blogger bbctchr said...

It's true, your writing does remind me of Douglas Adams - I love that guy!!

11:40 PM  

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