Saturday, June 17, 2006

quick bites

I go on the occasional date. They are almost never fun. My effort is always half-hearted. Tonight is no different. I did not even wash my hair. I wonder if I will ever meet anyone on whom to shine my special light again.....

Peds wards is not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not saying I'm enjoying myself. My mantra all week has been "I can do anything for 3 weeks", and I've been chanting this out loud every day, in the hospital even. Nevertheless, it is not the pure hell I was anticipating. Tomorrow I will be on call, which apparently is quite shitty on the weekends. We'll see. Just two more weeks now.

Okay, off to the fringe, literally and figuratively.



Blogger The One and Only said...

Atta girl. You are getting it done. What is so bad about working with little kids? I don't get it?

Sorry to hear about your date...but if you didn't wash your hair and the guy was into you, then you will have found the right person!! I guess you have to like him though.

I still believe in you Tabby.

8:15 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear TOAO,

Kids just scare the shit out of me that's all. Plus, I have no idea what to do to fix them when they are broken. And, it shatters my heart to see a tiny muffin with no hair, walking around with an I.V. pole in tow.

The date was fine. The guy is super kind and even somewhat interesting. Sometimes I wonder if for all of my bullshit talk, I am actually really interested in being in a relationship right now.

He does seem quite keen on me, even with dirty hair. Though I don't think he's "the one", I have to admit (as selfish as it sounds) that it's nice to feel like someone out there thinks you are interesting, nice, and a hot babe. It does something to flatter a bruised ego y'know.

I hope you are still basking in the joy of your latest accomplishment. You truly are TOAO.


11:31 PM  
Blogger The One and Only said...

Hey Tabs!

Thanks for writing back...I know that you are busy. Fixin kids must be hard....sometimes those little muffins bring a big ole man like myself to my knees. I guess that is precisely why I like working with them so much.

I love the way I feel when "S" reminds me of my assessts! It is always good to be loved and told that you are a good person. Keep this guy for a bit and see what comes of it....but I understand that you may not be ready to take something like that on at the moment. Right now you are battling the Med school thing. Looking forward to hearing about your next rotation... and yes, I am still basking in the glory of my new job. Got the official email from HR the other day and I am pumped to be finally doing something that I truly want to do.

Later TT.

2:57 PM  

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