Friday, June 30, 2006

Squirrely Summer Afternoons

Currently there are no less than 6 black squirrels frolicking in my back yard. I was going to cut the grass, but it's pouring rain. Tomorrow I'm on call, so it will have to wait until Sunday. My poor neighbour is never going to sell her house! At least the squirrels seem completely joyous, jumping on each other’s tails and such.

As ridic as it sounds, I think I'm actually going to miss peds wards. It’s nice being a member of a team (a functional one). Also, the kids are so great, and the vibe of the place is good. Plus, I find it kind of interesting, and dare I say…stimulating.

Clerkship is becoming a bit of a chore though, and I can't wait to start travelling a bit and doing electives in my areas of interest.



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