Friday, November 17, 2006

Africa Shmafrica

Allo les amis,

many apologies for the drought on this blog lately. if you could understand the degree of frustation associated with using the internet here, you would accord my some degree of leeway. it's too bad actually, because i have many interesting tales to recount that i suspect might be lost forever.

we have left the dirty and polluted city of Contonu where the hosptial was something out of a horror show. now, since tuesday, we have been in Abomey, which is a smaller, much more resonable place. the kind of place i used to think of when i imagined africa.

benin is a beautiful country. the people, despite being some of the poorest in the world, have a richness of spirit which is difficult to describe. there is unbelievqble poverty here, and we come face to face with daily ethical and moral dilemas that would make your heart sink in an instant. wearing a labcoat here, has given us great priviledge and also a very candid look at the reality of life for many Beninois. I will recount some experiences that have particulrly touched me at a later time. Currently, I am running out of minutes and the smell of body odour in this small room is almost overwhelming. Sadly, i think it may be coming from me. i have been washing out of a bucket for a week now, with only moderate success.

tomorrow we head offto the north of benin near the border with Togo to join a canadian medical lission which is currently up there. 3 of us will be there for about a week. i will send word next friday when we get back to Cotonu.

i hope everything is going well on the home front. i miss you all;

love Tabby


Anonymous Pesto said...

Yay! Tabs is back in town, cybertown that is. Good to hear you are well, even if smelly. I miss you. There is craziness all around here. Too much to put on the screen right now. I'm flying out on your bday. Won't be back till Xmas. See you then!

Good luck with your work. I hope you enjoy the north. I always find the rural areas so much more intriguing. Be safe, my love. You are doing great things.


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