Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank You Dr. S.

God Bless you for a)engaging in supportive psychotherapy with me today, and b)letting me leave early. You are a kind generous man, and you are invited to my party on Friday night!

Also, a shout out to Brocat, and Micher for the wonderful cupcakes. They are the only solid food I've been able to handle all day...

Just now, I almost burned down the kitchen. I have no kettle, so rely on boiling water for tea on the stove. This is a fine strategy, except when my head is lodged firmly up my ... I'm trying to quit swearing.

I'm a complete mess, but I will persevere...and regain my former lust for life, and high(ish) level of functioning.



Blogger Tamara said...

Let's support one another as we ditch the potty mouth. I've been replacing some of my usual phrases with gems like "mother of pearl".

7:45 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

I also like "Mother Tucker". It's so hard to quit though...

I will support you.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous team yellow said...

I like the old school tea formula you have going on. I can't say I agree with your swearing plans though... every so often I feel the urge to express myself in a way that only someone with Tourrettes Syndrome would appreciate and understand.

So...., I've been avoiding your blog all day. Its a huge distraction and seeing as how carms closes in 5 days I really needed to get these personal letters done.
But alas, exactly 6 hours before I have to be back at work tomorrow here I find myself yet again wanting to know what you did today and (some would argue more importantly) bore you with my thoughts... (an EEG would likely prove that they barely qualify as such)

To the point at hand:
writing these letters got me thinking about "what is the truth exactly"... in general I mean.
Is truth like the Schroedinger Cat Experiment? in that it exists in all possible forms until you measure it (or in this case describe it in a personal letter).
Or is truth something more tangeable than that.
right now the truth seems like it is whatever I want it to be as long as its articulated well and makes me look like an awesome soon to be resident.
My personal letters seem to indicate that I am somehow this well put together individual who self reflects and improves on weakness while at the same time maintaining a comfortable level of confidence (not too the point of arrogance mind you).

But then there's the other form of that truth (the Anti-truth if you will) which says that I'm a complete wreck, self reflect to a level of self loathing, and would like nothing more than to become a stay at home dad instead of whatever amazingly asperger-like professional my letters indicate.

Something you said the other day got me thinking too. specifically that you really don't know me. I have reflected on this fact and indeed confirm it to be correct.
However in some ways, you know me very well for I have shared with you my deepest darkest secret (*cough Shatner! *cough*).
Nonetheless, to help remedy the situation I will continue to pester you with random thoughts.
as well I have provided a link to an image of what I would look like if I were to be a cat (i'm trying to stick to the theme at hand here)

(sorry didn't know how to post images)

I know what you're probably thinking, and yes, I am much more dashing in person format. (though slightly less arrogant)

Best of luck with your endeavors... sorry too much personal letter articulation ... what I mean to say is,
You're gonna Rock your presentation! (assuming you finish of course.... I merely jest)


11:13 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...


Just as you were pouring over this wonderful work, I was doubting that you would write (especially since I believe you to be in Halifax and it is really late there). I posted a cry for help at the end of your last comment.

I'm am so sorry to have doubted you. Just as I begged for a cosmic bone, you threw one in my direction. I really should be more patient, that would be one of my "true" weaknesses in a personal letter.

I am also sorry because I cannot take the time to write a longer, wittier reply, and my mind is so vacant right now that I can't even think of what I would say if I did have the time.

Basically, my ass in the fire for tomorrow. I am seriously considering a fugue. I feel like I did in undergrad before exams when I would honestly consider throwing myself down a flight of stairs prior to a final exam I wasn't ready for. I figured a few broken ribs..might be worth the extra time...I never followed through though.

Anyway, after seeing your photo, I need to tell you that I have a major cyber crush on you. I wasn't sure until I saw your picture (cause I'm pretty shallow), but now I know it to be true.

Maybe tomorrow in between presentations I will try and find the time to relay the story of the tea bag skit from an old Kids in the Hall episode that I think about every time I drink tea (about once every 6 weeks or so).

Good luck with your statements. Your writing is better than 99.6% of the med students/doctors I know, so I'm your statements are great. What a chore though eh?


11:31 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...


How was your day?


3:48 PM  
Anonymous team yellow said...

TT... let me just tell you something. coming home in a strange foreign city to find someone who I've just met over the internet post a comment on their blog asking me how my day was, ... just totally made my day. Thank you.

I have much to tell you today, but truth be told I'm more interested in how your day went.

I actually just came on to tell you that I would be coming back later today. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting yesterday, the night before your big presentation.

two things I need to do;
finish these personal letters (i'm soooo close!)
put my thoughts together so that I may clearly articulate them to you on your blog (to be honest with you I am very intimidated by your writing style, mostly cuz I think its genius, so I spend quite a bit of time reading what I post before I do.... there you go, there's another secret about me that you know).
I know at this moment you are likely trying to be modest, so to that end I just want to post something you said that was "genius"...
at the end of one of your comments you put this "Good luck with the statements. Maybe you should write a one act play. They are very effective."

given the context of that post, I think it is the most subtle, halarious, modest, insightful statment all wrapped into one. Its really impressive and just brings a smile to my face reading it.

anyways,.. after I do those things I also need to take a shower.... (actually I should probably do that before the other two given how I spent my day).
I know that makes 3 things...

okay, I'm gonna run off and come back later.. around the same time as yesterday probably, maybe a little sooner. I have a couple of ideas to bounce of you.


ps. tell me how your day went

4:34 PM  
Anonymous team yellow said...

almost forgot,
have you seen "wristcutters: a love story"?

if not you should. very good movie.

4:39 PM  

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