Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grated My Finger

I am laying low tonight. Went wedding dress shopping with a friend of mine today, and it was a huge, but exhausting, success. Tonight I cannot muster up the wherewithal to do anything other than sit on the couch, drinking wine, cleaning up my inbox, making to do lists,and watching movies on the W network. It is total bliss. I decided to defrost the second bit of my mom's excellent pasta sauce and cooked up a little spaghetti again. As I was grating some Parmesan cheese into it, I caught my pinkie. It hurt like a mofo, but I figured I was just being a suck. Just now (about an hour later) I looked down and found my entire finger covered in dried blood, plus a large gash where I grated the skin right off of it.

This is the kind of shape I'm in. Tonight, I will sleep like the dead, and tomorrow wake rejuvenated and ready for a ski wax!

My parents are cooking me a birthday dinner tomorrow including my favourite Beef Stroganoff(?sp) and this yummy vanilla pie that I really love...and God knows what else. I'm really excited.

there are a trillion things I want to do tomorrow.

I love you all,
Tabby T


Anonymous Pesto said...

TABS! I'm soooo happy to see all this activity on your blog. It has put my mind to rest in regards to your wellbeing. Your story about Gallo made me smile and feel warm even though I'm sort of lonely in stupid Ghana. It's my least favourity country, as you know. Love you so. Keep on writing.

2:41 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...

Dear Pesto,

I have gotten your emails and the text from you and Katoosh from Ghana. I was really jealous, and painfully lonely for your company. There are some ills that only you can fix.

My wellbeing has been more or less intact, but I am exhausted from working like a dog for the past 2 months. This weekend was to be a weekend of fun and release, and in some way it was, but you know how it is after a big effort, often you feel kind of deflated and tired. I've also had some disappointments lately that I put on the backburner, and now need to spend a bit of time processing.

It would be so great to have my best friend here. I've been missing your company desperately. When are you getting your ass home to my loving embrace? Maybe we could plan a weekend of fun and adventure - the way only we know how!


7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am in need of a good weekend away with you... Where and when shall we go? What about post-xmas? Can we take a little vacation that involves something productive like getting our scuba certification or becoming hard-core wind surfers, or learning how to sail or another beach-related activity that would increase our personal status and produce intense fun??

I'm open to all sorts of suggestions!

My lonliness was rather welcome over the past few days. I'd been far too surrounded by folks for 4 weeks, that I just needed some alone time. I am starting to feel a bit more grounded, exept for the fact that everyday I have meetings with increasingly more important people who propose all sorts of crazy partnerships and I pretend to understand. Then I feel like a real business lady, until I leave the meeting and admit to my colleague that I'm totally puzzled...

You'll recover soon my love. We're 31 now, so everything--love, joy, satisfaction, offspring, great sex--is in our reach. There is nothing that can stop us now! Especially not stupid, adulterous, immature, transient men. So let's go and have a major rock-out session, Boston styles, real soon.

We'll have major depression regression.

Love you infinitely!


4:11 PM  
Blogger telltale tabby said...


I already have my open water diving certification, but I could sure use a refresher.

I would consider cutting off the tip of my pinkie right now in exchange for a few days at the beach. Lets seriously consider it.

Failing that, I am increasingly committed to the Trans Siberia tour in June/July. Do you think you and K-dawg could score the time away?

I have lots of ideas. Whaen are you coming home?


10:04 PM  

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