Monday, December 15, 2008

Mistletoe Fruitcake!

I should be writing more these days. I actually could be. The problem is I’ve developed a nasty little TV habit. Worse, I seem to be addicted to those horrible, cheesy, predictable, low budget, made for TV Christmas movies gracing the small screen at this time of year. What is my problem? I get sucked in, watch the whole thing in a semi-trance, and at the end invariably utter something along the lines of “that was the worst f^%ing movie I have ever seen”. Then I spend a few minutes thinking about how I just wasted 2 hours of my life that I can never get back. The saddest part is that it happens again and again and again...I’m in the middle of one now. It’s killing me but I can’t stop.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Brain Freeze

Hello All,

Just a short post. I’m off to the Tdot this weekend and have about a million things to do before I go. Yesterday I had lunch with BBCTCHR. We had sushi in Orleans of all places, and it was really good. I ordered this coconut bubble tea to drink and it was so delicious that I could not stop slurping it back, but it was really cold, and, as a consequence of my ‘overindulgence’ I experienced the worst brain freeze of my life. We’re talking really extreme pain. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before.

There’s a drug called Adenosine that we sometimes give to patients in emerg who have cardiac arrhythmias. It basically stops your heart for a few seconds and when patients have it they totally freak out, and afterwards they say it felt like they were dying. Yesterday, in conjunction with the crippling pain of my brain freeze, I swear to God my heart stopped beating for about 7 seconds. I thought I was gonna pass out.

This week has somehow managed to get totally jam packed. I have plans every night, and Friday morning I’m off to Toronto. Where does the time go?